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Entes Electronics

ENTES, one of the leading companies of the sector founded in 1980, manufactures devices and software with next generation production systems in its 11.500m2 modern facilities in Istanbul.

With its 350 employees and strong R&D, ENTES ranks among the most competitive industrial companies in Turkey engaged in power quality and energy, electrical measurement, power factor correction, remote monitoring and protection-control fields.

In Turkey, ENTES provides sales and after sales services to customers with 8 region offices and an extensive distributor network to empower the sustainability of customer-oriented approach. Furthermore, it reaches the international users via its agencies in Netherlands, Greece and distributors in nearly 50 countries.

ENTES can provide the services of monitoring and recording electricity consumption and quality in one-stop. The productivity potential of industrial sites and commercial buildings can be calculated with the acquired data, which in turn leads to significant improvements in energy costs.

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